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Opticians in San Mateo, CA

Serving San Mateo, CA and the Peninsula, family-owned Bundy Opticians has been your source for eyeglasses since 1958. We provide you with an extensive and exquisite eyewear selection, including a wide variety of Japanese and European designs, many of them handmade.
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Owner, Jose Monge is a Registered Dispensing Optician, licensed by the California State Board of Optometry. Jose and his staff of opticians professionally edge and mount all lenses into the frame of your choice in their in-office lab, ensuring proper alignment of optics with your eyes. We have clients who’ve been coming to us for their glasses since birth and now bring their children in for their own glasses.
We carry many of the popular frames you’re searching for including designer frames like:

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  • Etnia Barcelona logo
  • Kate Spade logo
  • Ovvo logo
  • WOOW logo
  • Pro Design logo
  • Silhouette logo
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Prescription Glasses For Your Entire Family

We offer eyewear for every endeavour and fashion taste, including speciality designs that protect your eyes from the blue light that your electronic devices emit. Stop by today to take a look at our extensive line of eyewear!
Read about Blue Light Harm

Compliment Your Face Shape

In addition to good vision, eyeglasses should also enhance your personal style as well as compliment the shape of your face. Our opticians carry an extensive inventory of frames to suit any taste. We also offer frames for children as well as for sports and workplace safety.

Prescription Sunwear and The Power of Polarized Glass

Polarized eyewear reduces hazardous glare from reflective surfaces. They’re ideal for driving, boating, fishing or simply increasing the comfort of your eyes when you’re outdoors or under bright lights. Available in different lens colors they enhance contrast and improve visual acuity. Furthermore, prescription sunglasses offer better protection and clearer vision than over-the-counter designs you can purchase from the local drugstore.

The Benefits of Good Sunwear

Properly fitted sunwear with ample coverage protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Polarized and specialty sunwear can significantly reduce the effects of blue light, which is one of the causes of age-related macular degeneration according to research from the University of Toledo.
Read the study
We have a large selection of name brand and designer eyewear frames in our San Mateo store including:

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  • Cazal logo
  • Etnia Barcelona logo
  • Kate Spade logo
  • Maui Jim
  • Oakley

See Clearly Again

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